Fox Hall, U Mass Lowell, April 1990: At our second show ever (we were still known as The Wombats), Ed's big Sousaphone solo fails to revive the comatose stranger on the left.

Our third appearance at U Mass Lowell's Battle of the Bands (February 1992) featured our all-time biggest lineup. From the left, that's Jay, George Jetson, Mike, Ed, Brian, Kevin, and the Spongetown Horns: Jimbo (a founding member of SAF!), Alan, and Jarrod. The previous year we won third prize, but this time, NOTHING.

Here is Kevin juggling Spam in New York City on national television, Thanksgiving Day 1995. We're still not sure why this happened.

Our "Heck Freezes Over" reunion world tour hit the Grind in Franklin, Massachusetts on August 3, 1996. The lineup (left to right): Ed, George Jetson, John, Kevin, Mike. Can you spot the legendary tiki lights? Also check out the Penn Jillette-autographed X-ray-spex-wearing styrofoam head (far left) and the big creepy bug (next to Mike's head).

Our "Beating A Dead Horse" reunion world tour hit the Grind in Franklin, Massachusetts on May 30, 1998. The lineup (counterclockwise from upper left): Bryant Gumbel, Ed, Paul, Kevin, Matt, Mike.

Advertising the above show, Kevin and Ed pose with the sign at the Grind.

Where's Jimbo? An almost-complete reunion of the original SAF (before we were a band!) took place after our 1998 Thanksgiving weekend show. From the left, that's Kevin, Ed, Matt, and Steve. (The massive image of Matt also lurks ominously in the background...)