Hey, believe it or not, SAF can now be found on Facebook! You can "Like" us and communicate with us there.

You can also email us! Tell us about your hopes, your dreams, and the most delicious bowl of pudding you ever had. We don't care. We'll show your message to our creepy friends, dismiss you as a nut, and carry on with our rock star lifestyle. But write anyway, okay?

Just in case you want to send us expensive presents and/or thick greasy wads of cash, we even have an old-fashioned mailing address! You can write to:

The Sponge Awareness Foundation
P. O. Box 184
Blackstone, MA 01504

Include a SASE and we'll be sure to write back! (We'll probably write back anyway, but it'll take longer since first we'll have to check under all the couch cushions and scrape together some stamp money.) Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery time, because this creates the illusion that we are very busy and important.