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What exactly do you mean by "The Sponge Awareness Foundation"?

Good question. We've been trying to answer that question ourselves for the last millennium or so...

The "Sponge" in The Sponge Awareness Foundation comes from a group of fictional characters in a comic book that Kevin used to draw for his friends. These Sponges stood about six feet tall and resembled common household cleaning sponges. In the center of each sponge was a single eyeball, the size of a basketball. A couple of references to these original sponges can be heard in one of our old songs, "Society of Sponges".

Careful inspection of the SAF logo will reveal a triangular version of these sponges. Incidently, the logo predates the band, as does the name — but we'll let Kevin explain that (if he ever gets around to writing Part 3 of our history).

The name has nothing to do with sea sponges, or Elaine's "spongeworthy" list on Seinfeld, or Spongebob Squarepants.

Even our use of the initials SAF causes all sorts of confusion:

There is also an organization called the Sensory Awareness Foundation, aka the SAF. Not sure what that one's about either...

And there you have it. Everything you wanted (or didn't want) to know about our stupid name.